2.4GHz Wireless Digital Audio Portable Baby Monitor

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The 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Audio Portable Baby Monitor is a comprehensive solution for parents who want to ensure their baby’s safety and comfort. It offers an array of features aimed at providing clear and sensitive communication between parents and their baby. The system’s two-way audio capability allows for immediate soothing of the baby with the parent’s voice, making it easier to manage nighttime wake-ups or naptime without always having to be in the same room.

Key Features:

  • 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission: Offers stable and clear transmission over a long range, reducing the chance of interference and providing peace of mind for parents anywhere in the home.
  • Two-Way Audio Communication: Built-in MIC and speaker allow parents to listen and talk to their baby, providing comfort and reassurance with the sound of their voice.
  • High Sensitivity Microphone: Captures every sound, including the softest whispers, ensuring parents don’t miss any important moments or needs of their baby.
  • VOX Function: Voice activation saves power by automatically turning the monitor on when noise is detected and turning it off when the nursery is quiet.
  • Musical and Nightlight Features: Plays soothing music to help lull the baby to sleep, and the nightlight function creates a comforting environment in the baby’s room.
  • Long Transmission Range: Works up to 250 meters in open space, giving parents flexibility to move around the house or yard while staying connected to their baby.
  • Portable and Convenient Design: Both the baby and parent units are designed for easy portability, with the parent unit featuring a clip for hands-free carrying.


  • Transmitter and receiver equipped with long-lasting power supply options.
  • Operating temperature range accommodates most home environments.
  • Made of durable, safe plastic material.
  • Dimensions and package weight are optimized for easy handling and storage.

Package Contents:

The package includes a transmitter (baby unit), a receiver (parent unit), two power cables for continuous operation, and a comprehensive user manual that guides you through setup and use.

This baby monitor is designed for parents who seek a reliable, easy-to-use system for monitoring their baby’s well-being. Its blend of audio, visual alerts, and additional comforting features make it a versatile choice for newborns and older babies alike, ensuring that both baby and parents can enjoy peaceful nights.

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