Horizontal Foldable Mesh Laundry Basket: Breathable Large Capacity Storage Hamper


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Horizontal Foldable Mesh Laundry Basket: Breathable Large Capacity Storage Hamper

The Horizontal Foldable Mesh Laundry Basket is a practical and efficient solution for managing your laundry. Designed with breathability and convenience in mind, this large-capacity storage basket is perfect for any home. Its foldable design and lightweight construction make it an essential accessory for easy laundry organization.

Key Features:

Breathable Mesh Cloth: Made from high-quality mesh fabric, this laundry basket allows air to circulate, preventing moisture buildup and odors. The breathable design keeps your laundry fresh and dry.

Large Capacity: With its spacious interior, this basket can hold a significant amount of laundry, making it ideal for families, dorm rooms, and anyone with substantial laundry needs.

Horizontal Foldable Design: The collapsible structure allows the basket to fold flat for easy storage when not in use. Its horizontal shape makes it easy to slide under beds or fit into narrow spaces.

Lightweight and Portable: The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry, even when full. It’s perfect for transporting laundry from room to room or to the laundromat.

Sturdy Handles: The reinforced handles provide a comfortable grip, ensuring easy and convenient transport. The durable handles are designed to withstand the weight of heavy loads.

Durable and Easy to Clean: The high-quality mesh fabric is durable and easy to maintain. Simply wipe it down or rinse with water to keep it clean.


Efficient Laundry Management: Keep your laundry organized and easily transportable with this spacious and breathable basket. It simplifies the process of collecting, carrying, and sorting dirty clothes.

Breathable and Hygienic: The mesh fabric allows for proper ventilation, preventing the buildup of moisture and odors. This keeps your laundry fresh and reduces the risk of mold and mildew.

Space-Saving Design: The foldable feature allows you to save space when the basket is not in use. It’s perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, and homes with limited storage space.

Portable and Convenient: The lightweight and sturdy handles make it easy to carry the basket to and from the laundry room, laundromat, or any other location.

Versatile Use: While ideal for laundry, this basket can also be used for storing toys, sports equipment, and other household items, making it a versatile addition to your home.


Usage Tips: Place the basket on a stable surface to prevent tipping. Avoid overloading to maintain its shape and durability. Use it in various rooms for different storage needs.

Cleaning Instructions: For best results, wipe down the basket with a damp cloth or rinse with water to keep it clean. Allow it to air dry completely before using it again to maintain its quality and appearance.

The Horizontal Foldable Mesh Laundry Basket offers a practical and stylish solution for managing laundry. With its breathable design, large capacity, and convenient portability, this basket is an essential addition to any home looking to combine functionality with convenience. Keep your laundry organized and fresh with this versatile storage solution.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 5 cm
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Dirty clothes basket


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Quilt, underwear, bags, changing clothes


Mesh cloth


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