Magic Water Drawing Mat


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Dive into a world of creative play and learning with the 100x80CM Magic Water Drawing Mat, a Montessori-inspired painting board that offers endless hours of doodling fun without the mess! Designed with children’s safety and cleanliness in mind, this educational toy uses only water to bring colorful dreams to life. It’s the perfect gift for nurturing artistic talent and encouraging educational play in children.

Clean & Safe:

  • Utilizes water instead of ink or paint, ensuring a mess-free play area and safe interaction for children.

Educational Tools:

  • Promotes creativity and imagination, enhancing writing and painting skills.
  • Exercises hand-eye coordination and color perception ability, making it an invaluable educational resource.

Easy to Use:

  • The drawings fade away automatically 5-10 minutes after the last use, allowing for repeated enjoyment and practice.

Package Includes:

100x80CM Senior Package:

  • 1x 100*80cm Canvas: A large surface area for freedom of expression.
  • 3x Brushes: Various brushes for different stroke styles.
  • 6x EVA Templates: Fun shapes and patterns to inspire creativity.
  • 1x Picture Album: To guide and inspire little artists.
  • 1x Water Box: For easy brush dipping and cleaning.
  • 1x Set of Seals: To add fun stamps and textures to the artwork.

100x80CM Standard Package:

  • 1x 100*80cm Canvas
  • Brushes: Enough for solo or group play.
  • 6x EVA Templates
  • 1x Picture Album

Ideal For:

  • Creative Exploration: Allows children to explore their artistic side without restrictions.
  • Educational Play: Integrates learning with play, developing key skills in a fun environment.
  • Mess-Free Entertainment: Perfect for parents seeking a clean, hassle-free solution to art play.
  • Gift Idea: An excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that celebrates childhood creativity and learning.

Transform your child’s playtime into a learning adventure with the Magic Water Drawing Mat. Not just a toy, but a doorway to imagination, creativity, and educational growth, all bundled into one exciting package.

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