Wooden Kong Ming Lock Brain Teaser Puzzle Toy


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Dive into the world of ancient Chinese puzzles with the Wooden Kong Ming Lock (Lu Ban Lock), an IQ brain teaser that offers both educational benefits and endless fun. This traditional puzzle, known for its intricate design and intellectual challenge, is meticulously crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and safe play for all ages. Whether you’re a child exploring new ways of thinking, an adult looking for a mental challenge, or an elderly individual keen on keeping the mind sharp, this Montessori-inspired 3D puzzle game is the perfect choice.


  • Universal Appeal: Suitable for all ages, this puzzle provides a great way for office workers to de-stress, children to develop critical thinking skills, and the elderly to maintain cognitive sharpness.
  • Educational Benefits: Engaging with this puzzle can enhance problem-solving abilities, patience, intellect, and imagination. It’s an excellent tool for IQ development and fostering creative thinking.
  • Parent-Child Interaction: A fantastic opportunity for parents and children to interact and bond over a shared challenge, strengthening relationships and promoting family closeness.
  • Diverse Designs: The collection features 13 distinct designs, each with a unique internal structure, offering a wide variety of challenges and ensuring that the fun never gets old.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from natural, environmentally friendly wood with a non-toxic, odorless lacquer finish, these puzzles are smooth to the touch, resilient, and wear-resistant.


  • Name: Children’s Toys (Wooden Kong Ming Lock)
  • Material: High-quality, natural wood
  • Size: 4.5cm x 4.5cm (small size)
  • Designs: 13 different shapes and complexities

Ideal For:

  • Brain Training: Perfect for individuals looking to challenge their minds and enhance cognitive abilities.
  • Educational Play: An engaging way for children to learn problem-solving skills outside the traditional classroom setting.
  • Stress Relief: A mindful break for adults looking to unwind and focus on a hands-on task.
  • Gift Idea: An excellent and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves puzzles, brain teasers, or is interested in traditional Chinese culture.

The Wooden Kong Ming Lock Lu Ban Lock is more than just a toy; it’s a journey into the fascinating world of puzzles that have captivated minds for centuries. With its combination of historical intrigue, educational value, and sheer enjoyment, this IQ brain teaser is a must-have for anyone eager to test their wits, develop their intellect, and enjoy some quality time either alone or with loved ones.




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